CeramicCapacitorNFM Series

  • infotainment
  • Complied with RoHS
  • AEC-Q200
  • LowESL
  • Product suitable for noise suppression
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AEC-Q200 Compliant 3 Terminals Low ESL Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for Infotainment

These low-ESL capacitors are ideal for power supply decoupling and noise suppression in automobile multimedia, interior, and comfort applications as well as general electronic equipment.


1. Low ESL

Since the equivalent series inductance (ESL) is low and excellent in high frequency characteristics, this capacitor is suitable for power supply decoupling of high-speed operation electronic equipment.


2. Contributes to a reduction in the number of components.

The number of components can be reduced by using low ESL capacitors, while maintaining functions equivalent to 2-terminal capacitor.

Contributes to a reduction in the number of components

4. Compliance with AEC-Q200

As automotive equipment in the IVI category attains enhanced and more varied functionality, increasing demand for better processor performance and more compact equipment dimensions, 3-terminal low-ESL chip multilayer ceramic capacitors have started to be used in the automotive market as well to decouple processor power supplies.

This series is designed for use in Car Multimedia, Car Interior, Car Comfort application and General Electronic equipment. It is not appropriate for use in applications critical to passenger safety and car driving function (e.g. ABS,AIRBAG, etc.) . Please use the NFM**H series is in critical applications.

Items General Purpose NFM_PC Series
Maximum operating temperature: 125°C
AEC-Q200 compliant NFM_TC Series
Maximum operating temperature: 125°C
Test Method Test Method


Temperature Cycle: 10 cycles

Temperature Cycle: 1,000 cycles

Humidity loading

Test temperature: 40±2°C
Test humidity: 90~95%RH
Test time: 500 hours

<Humidity loading>
Test temperature: 85±2°C
Test humidity: 80~85%RH
Test time: 1,000 hours

5. AEC-Q200 compliant (Grade1)

125°C product: Grade1.


Size(mm) 1.0x0.5mm - 1.6x0.8mm
Rated Voltage 2.5Vdc - 4Vdc
Capacitance 1.0μF - 10μF
Main applications Such as Information and Comfort equipment,car navigation,communication module and entertainment system


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