Metal Alloy power inductors

Metal Alloy power inductors
SubTitleIcon6    Metal Alloy type have been added to our lineup of power inductors

TOKO brand products as represented by Metal Alloy inductors, have been added to our lineup of power inductors. As a result, we now offer a broad range of sizes from size 1608 to 12 mm squares. These products are compatible with a variety of applications where large current and low-dissipation factor are required.
 Metal Alloy power inductors
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Characteristics of compact Metal Alloy power inductors capable of handling large currents [Basic] EMICON-FUN!

SubTitleIcon6    Supporting a variety of applications that demand high reliability


Metal alloy cores have been adopted. High quality, reliability and durability have been achieved using proprietary methods, and higher efficiency circuits have been achieved by using low-core loss materials.

By expanding the size ranges of conventional product variations, we have made it possible for our inductors to be deployed in a wide range of situations, from the DFE2HCAH/DFE2MCAH series of Metal Alloy inductors used in automobile powertrains and safety applications, to the compact DFE252012P series of Metal Alloy inductors used in infotainment systems, parking assistance cameras, and the like.


These are also compliant with AEC-Q200 standards.
SubTitleIcon6    Large ferrite power inductors also newly added
6 mm square through to 12 mm square large-size products have been added to our lineup of power inductors that use ferrite cores. The user is now provided with a wider range of products to select from, for consumer applications through to vehicle-mounted applications.


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