Power Inductors for Medical Applications

Murata's power inductor products are available in a wide range of sizes, materials, and construction. From smartphones to automotive devices requiring high levels of reliability, our power inductors are used in a variety of applications where power supply circuits are employed. We are happy to introduce the Metal Alloy power inductor series in particular. With both high performance and high reliability factored into a compact form, these inductors also help achieve smaller sizes in medical devices.>



A Broad Power Inductor Lineup
We provide optimal inductors for a wide range of medical and healthcare product applications.

  • Power inductors with a variety of sizes and construction
    Murata’s product lineup features power supply inductors including metal windings, ferrite windings, and multilayer types of construction.
    Each has particular features that can be put to good use in various power supply applications.
    In addition to devices such as endoscopes, ultrasound diagnostic equipment, dialysis machines, X-ray panels, biomonitors, MRIs, CTs, and blood sugar meters, our inductor products can also be used in module circuits that connect wirelessly to various medical devices.
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Metal Alloy Power Inductors: The Best Option for Compact Size and High Current

Metal Alloy power inductors feature our Metal Alloy cores. Murata’s proprietary techniques provide high quality, high reliability, and high durability, and using low-core loss materials allows us to achieve higher circuit efficiencies.

Read on to learn about the features of Metal Alloy power inductors. These inductors are well-suited to the demands of medical devices, where compact sizes, low profiles, low DC resistances, high current capabilities, and high reliability are essential.
  • Features of Metal Alloy
Metal Alloy power inductors

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  • Handles countless applications requiring high reliability (from automotive devices to industrial machinery)

Using the Metal Alloy core, our proprietary techniques provide high quality, high reliability, and high durability. Additionally, using low-core loss materials achieves higher circuit efficiencies.

By expanding the size ranges of conventional product variations, we have made it possible for our inductors to be deployed in a wide range of situations, from the DFE2HCAH/DFE2MCAH series of Metal Alloy inductors used in automobile powertrains and safety applications, to the compact DFE252012P series of Metal Alloy inductors used in infotainment systems, parking assistance cameras, and the like.


These inductors can be used in medical devices as well, which demand the same high level of reliability as automotive applications.

High-reliability Metal Alloy (for automobile powertrains / safety applications) product number list
High-reliability Metal Alloy (for automobile infotainment applications) product number list

Having Trouble Choosing a Power Inductor?

Try SimSurfing (for Power Inductors), a tool that helps you select a power inductor while viewing the properties of the inductor.

Three functions for assisting in product selection:

  1. arrow down by specs
  2. Compare characteristics
  3. Download simulation data

How to use SimSurfing (for Power Inductors)

  • [Reference] SimSurfing’s three functions, and how to select a product

①Narrow down

Inductors can be narrowed down by setting conditions for specs as follows.


Various characteristics can be compared using graphs.

▼When [Basic] tab is selected

▼[Detailed] tab


The S-parameters of a selected product can be downloaded.