NTC Thermistor SMD type NCP Series

NCP Series  

NTC Thermistor SMD type
NCP Series
Application: Temperature detection for general, healthcare equipment

  Electrical resistance decrease by environment temperature rising
High accuracy in resistance and B-constant, Excellent thermal response
Excellent long time aging stability

     Product Numbering (33.5KB)
 NCP03 (675KB)
 NCP15 (666KB)
 NCP18 (665KB)
 NCP21 (340KB)

   Application Note(980KB)
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  ■ Applications
・ Temperature compensation for transistor, IC and crystal oscillator in moblie communications
・ Temperature compensation in general use of electric circuits
・ Temperature sensor for rechargeable batteries

■ Specifications
・ Dimensions:(NCP03)0603, (NCP15)1005, (NCP18)1608, (NCP21)2012
・ Resistance(at 25degC):1k,1.5k,4.7k,10k,33k,68k,100k,150k,220kΩ
・ B-constant(B25/50):(XH)3350-3399K,(XM)3500-3549K,(XQ)3650-3699K,(XV)3900-3949K,(XW)3950-3999K,(WB)4050-4099K,(WD)4150-4199K,(WF)4250-4299K,(WL)4450-4499K,(WM)4500-4549K


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