Gyro Sensors

Gyro Sensors
Murata develops and manufactures gyroscope components based on the company’s proven 3D MEMS technology and highly integrated electronics.

Industrial gyros offer a performance level that typically has been available only for expensive module products. The sensing elements and measuring circuitry are assembled into a premolded plastic dual-in-line (DIL) package, protected with silicon gel and covered with a stainless steel lid. All products are RoHS compatible and suitable for lead-free reflow soldering.

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MEMS Sensors

MEMS Sensors & Sensing Elements (PDF: 0.5 MB)

  • CAT NO. s47e-4
  • UPDATE 29/1/2019
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Basic knowledge of MEMS Technology   Basic knowledge of MEMS Technology
Summarized the structure, principle and features of MEMS technology that realizes high accuracy and high reliability.
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