SensorsOpen type ultrasonic transducers (Transmitter / Receiver) MA40S4S, MA40S4R

Open type ultrasonic transducers (Transmitter / Receiver)
MA40S4R, MA40S4S
Application: Distance measuring, object detection for general

Transmit ultrasonic sounds to the air, and receive reflected sounds
Compact size, High S.P.L. and sensitivity

  • Distance measuring / Object detection
  • Frequency:40kHz
  • Directivity:80deg(typ.)
  • Sensitivity:(MA40S4R)-63dB typ.(0dB=10V/Pa)
  • S.P.L.:(MA40S4S)120dB typ.(0dB=20μPa)
  • Dimensions:Φ9.9x7.1 mm
  • Operating temperature:-40degC to +85degC

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