Precautions for use of Pin type Piezoelectric Sounders No.1

Precautions to consider when mounting the sounder
Applicable Series : PKM Series (PIN type)

When inserting this product manually into the printed circuit board, be careful that the pins properly enter the holes in the board.

If the fixing part of a pin is broken, it is conceivable that an open circuit may occur. Because of this sound may fail to be emitted due to the pins being pushed into the product.

<How the failure occurs>
When attempting to insert the pins into the printed circuit board, if the pins do not enter the holes but instead strike the printed circuit board, a force will act to push the pins in the direction toward the inside of the product. If an excessively large force is applied in the direction toward the inside of the product, the fixing point of each pin will break, and the pins will be pushed into the product.
When the pins are pushed through the component, the two electrodes will touch the piezoelectric vibration plate, and a short circuit will occur, resulting in a malfunction.


Condition of the pins that have been pushed into the product