NCU series / NTC thermistors
SMD type / for temperature sensing
(high reliability)

NCU Series
The NCU series is new line-up of Murata thermistor.
NCU series is a temperature sensor of a chip type.
Available Market is Automotive market where request the high reliability.
NCU series can use for wide temperature sensing and compensation.

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Part Numbering   
  NCU15 Series  :1.0x0.5mm/0.4x0.2inch
  NCU15 Series(Automotive)  :1.0x0.5mm/0.4x0.2inch(Automotive)
  NCU18 Series  :1.6x0.8mm/0.6x0.3inch
  NCU18 Series(Automotive)  :1.6x0.8mm/0.6x0.3inch(Automotive)

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