Variable Capacitors FAQQOn the input impedance of the control voltage

Input impedance (Vtune –GND)
Vtune and GND
Circuit model
Parallel Cap.
Parasitic Cap.
RF signal Cut
LXRW-050,056  3,300  0.5  150k  10M
LXRW-054,055  3,840  0.5  150k  10M
LXRW-053  5,760  0.5  150k  10M
LXRW-058, 059  12,800  0.5  50k  10M
Input impedance Details(Vtune –GND)

VAC consists of a capacity part and a resistor part.
The two capacitors and the resistance can be simplified between the vtune and GND.

Measurement results(LXRW19V201-058) 

The capacitance between VTune and GND is 12.8 nf * and parasitic capacitance is about 0.5 pf.

*Simulation parameters

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