Design Support Software SimSurfing

On-line software loaded with functions for narrowing down the part numbers of components, displaying various characteristics, downloading characteristics data, and characteristic calculations. A download version is also available.

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SimSurfing is a free design support tool which provides information and data for selecting electronic components.
There are three features in SimSurfing.

  1. Provides highly accurate data, 
  2. Draw graphs by simple operation, 
  3. Substantial search functions

Murata Icon X Useful Points of SimSurfing

Displays various characteristics useful for designing in graphs!

Basic characteristics, such as impedance characteristics of capacitors, inductors, and EMI suppression filters (ferrite beads and common mode choke coils), transmission characteristics (S21) and reflection characteristics (S11) can be confirmed in a graph display. Basic characteristics reflecting the specified DC bias and operating temperature can be displayed for high dielectric constant lead type multilayer ceramic capacitors, and capacitance-DC bias characteristics and capacitance-temperature characteristics can also be displayed.

Examples of the characteristics graphs of SimSurfing

Provides characteristics close to actual measurement values!

Since highly accurate models are introduced for multilayer ceramic capacitors, lead type ceramic capacitors, polymer capacitors, and RF inductors, characteristics close to the actual measurement value can be acquired for these components, even in a frequency range higher than the self-resonant frequency.

Provides characteristics close to actual measurement values using highly accurate models

Easy comparison of characteristics!

The characteristics of multiple part numbers can be compared in one graph. Comparisons can also be made easily when the specification of the DC bias and operating temperature are changed.

View of overwritten characteristics graphs

Loaded with substantial search functions!

Components can be searched or sorted from the catalog specifications or part numbers. Searches based on effective values specified with the capacitance and impedance is possible for multilayer ceramic capacitors, lead type ceramic capacitors, and polymer capacitors.

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Various data can be downloaded!

S-parameter and SPICE models can be downloaded, and files of the impedance and other characteristics data can also be output.

Image figure

Provides various convenient functions!

In addition, the functions specialized for each component are also provided. For example, part numbers can be selected accurately and efficiently for NTC thermistors, as the basic characteristics can be confirmed for each application circuit.

Various convenient functions of SimSurfing

A download version is available!

A download version which has the same functions and contents as the online version is also available for customers who would like to install it and use it off-line.

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