Process of value creation

Treasure Murata Philosophy and pursue the unique qualities of Murata

We will continue to value Murata Philosophy, the Murata Philosophy, even in a changing business environment.
Employees around the world sharing Murata Philosophy will create innovation and new value by trusting and cooperatingwith each other to demonstrate collective strength.

Murata products

Value proposition for society


Smartphones that are always close by. Versatility with calling, e-mailing, SNS, gaming, and camera functions. Even faster communication speed and larger capacity. Murata contributes greatly to higher and more diverse functionalities.

Computers and peripherals

Thin laptop computers and tablet devices that can be easily carried and connected to networks are one of the indispensable items for daily life. Murata contributes to higher performance and more diverse functionalities in personal computers.

Automotive electronics

For a society where everyone can move freely with confidence while protecting the environment. Penetration of electric vehicles and completely automated driving. Murata provides automotive technologies for vehicles and all passengers.

Audio-visual, home and other

Home appliances used for daily living such as air conditioning equipment and televisions are required to further conserve energy and consider impacts on the environment and human health. Murata contributes to technologies that support smart and ecological living.

Energy and healthcare

Due to digitization and spread of IoT that connects different industries, the field of electronics has been expanding and new requirements for a smart society are emerging. Murata creates new value in sensing, communication, and miniaturization technologies with our cultivated expertise.

What Murata wants to be

Murata’s purpose is to explore our identity with intelligence, build a wider and deeper foundation for an electronics society, and contribute to enriching people’s lives in the truest sense.

Innovator in Electronics

We continue to contribute to the advancement of society by creating innovative products and solutions

For that reason, we express what we should be by the phrase, “Innovator in Electronics.”
We are committed to being a leading innovator in the electronics industry and taking the initiative in working toward a better environment and society.