Health and safety

Health, safety and reduction in accidents

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Murata Manufacturing Company, Ltd., Yokaichi Plant, Administration Dept., Administration Sec.
Takayuki Harada, Kenichi Sasaki
Murata Manufacturing Company, Ltd., Environmental & Safety Management Dept.,
Environmental & Safety Promotion Sec.
Masataka Mae

We are systematizing and restructuring occupational health and safety education

Occupational health and safety education consists of training and hands-on education aimed at preventing workplace accidents. Workers are made to understand the dangers associated with their jobs and are taught to take actions that ensure their safety. Currently, the people in charge of health and safety at every Murata plant are working together to restructure education in this area. 

We are currently in the process of reworking the company's safety education system by first collecting all of the information on education being conducted at each plant and determining which things every employee in the company needs to know, and which things people handling specific tasks need to know. Then, we will be reviewing all of that information to produce more effective training, improve the educational content, and provide more focused training according to specific accident risks.

 We are working to introduce hands-on safety education that simulates actual workplace risks such pinching, entanglement, and electrical shock. Through the experience we hope to raise awareness toward safety among all of our employees.

In order to prevent industrial accidents, Murata combines  "tangible"  efforts like improvements to the actual facilities together with such  "intangible"  approaches as education and awareness activities related to health and safety. The frequency rate for industrial accidents at Murata is low in comparison with the average for the manufacturing industry *, but we remain committed to continually lowering it even further.

* Number of casualties caused by industrial accidents per one million actual working hours

Workplace accident frequency rate and number of accidents