Links between Business Activities and the Environment

Murata strives to quantitatively ascertain the environmental impact associated with its business activities and analyzes that information to reduce the environmental impact.

Murata's Environmental Impact

Measures to respond to climate change and conservation/recycling of resources are priorities

Although the electronic components we manufacture are small, the amount of resources such as energy and water used in their production is not. 

Our 6th Environmental Action Plan sets the following goals, which we are striving to realize on a priority basis : 1) The reduction of CO2 emissions from the consumption of energy; 2) Reduction of the volume of water resources used, and promotion of the use of recycled water; and 3) Control of the volume of waste produced as a by-product of manufacture, and the promotion of recycling of waste. 

Data Calculation Method
"Total substance input" and "Chemical substance atmospheric emissions" represent totals for manufacturing plants and subsidiaries in Japan. Other figures represent totals for manufacturing plants and subsidiaries in Japan and overseas.