Environmentally Conscious Design

At Murata, we manufacture environmentally preferable products thoroughly focusing on environmental burden throughout their entire lifecycle including parts and materials procurement, design and development, production, use, recycle and disposal.

A Murata "Eco-friendly Product"

Murata's thoughts about Eco-products

We assess the impact of our products on the environment from the development and design stages, to ensure that every product we offer our customers takes the environment into consideration. Furthermore, by independently evaluating products that contribute more than others to environmental load reduction and certifying them as "eco-products," we are working to expand our line of these products and to develop technologies that support their creation.
Product assessment
Product assessments evaluate the reduction of energy and resources and appropriate management of chemical substances over a product's life cycle. These assessments enable us to release products to the market that conform to in-house standards based on laws and regulations and on the demands of society.
Standards for certification of eco-products 
Murata's standards for certification of eco-products require even higher levels of environmental performance than the product assessment standards. Specifically, for certification as an eco-product, a product should satisfy or exceed standards for environmental performance criteria in relation to evaluation items (miniaturization, high performance level, energy conservation, durability) set by Murata, as shown in the table below.
Evaluation item Environmental friendliness of product Environmental friendliness of electronic devices in which product is fitted
  • Reduced use of parts and materials.
  • Reduced energy use in manufacture and transport.
  • Contribution to reduced use of packaging materials.
  • Use of product contributes to miniaturization of electronic device.
High performance level
  • Improved basic performance.
  • Realization of new functions that make environmental contributions.
  • Use of product reduces the number of parts in electronic devices.
Energy conservation
  • Reduced energy consumption and circuit loss.
  • Use of product reduces the energy consumption of electronic devices.
Durability (Longer life)
  • Increased durability.
  • Use of product increases durability of electronic devices and associated consumables.