Green Procurement

We need to practice "green procurement" to procure more environmentally preferable parts and materials to reduce environmental burden of our products. To this end, we have been asking our suppliers for their understanding and cooperation to practice their own environmental management.

Promotion of Green Procurement

Evaluating Suppliers' "Green Level"

Murata has distributed a Green Procurement Standards pamphlet detailing the Group's philosophy of green procurement and our requirements for suppliers, enabling us to promote green procurement with the understanding and cooperation of our suppliers. 

When undertaking business with a new supplier, regardless of whether the supplier is located in Japan or overseas, we investigate the appropriateness of its environmental management system (whether it has acquired ISO 14001 or any other management system certification) and its chemical substance management system, as well as the actual operational condition of those systems. Furthermore, only after the supplier has consented to environmental protection initiatives (such as regulatory compliance and surveys of chemical substances contained in products), do we make a decision on whether or not to undertake business with the supplier.

As for existing suppliers, we conduct evaluations, giving first priority to suppliers who supply parts and materials with high environmental risk. In the case of suppliers whose evaluation results are low, we provide guidance through improvement requests and field audits. If no improvement becomes apparent, we respond rigorously by, for example, suspending business transactions.

Criteria for the Green Level of suppliers 

  • Acquisition of an environmental management system certification
  • Confirmation of the actual operational condition of the chemical substance management system
  • Submission of agreements concerning environmental protection initiatives

Scheme for Green-Level Investigation of Materials

Before adopting new materials, Murata conducts a green-level investigation for everyone. As standards for these surveys, we use Murata's original technical standards, which prohibit or limit the use of certain materials in accordance with legal regulations and customer requirements. Specialized personnel investigate chemical materials that require particular care in handling, and record the materials that pass this inspection in a database to ensure that the Group procures only accepted materials.
Material Green Level Survey Sheet
Material Green Level Survey Sheet (Basic Information Screen)
Material Green-Level Investigation Sheet (Detailed Constituent List Screen)
Material Green-Level Investigation Sheet (Detailed Constituent List Screen)
Scheme for Green Procurement of Materials
Scheme for Green Procurement of Parts and Materials