Murata Group EHS Disaster Prevention Policy

As part of the practice of management philosophy, the Shaze(Murata philosophy), the entire Murata Group will work together to reduce the Group’s impact on the environment (E), ensure health and safety (H/S), and implement disaster prevention activities.

1. The Group will comply with all laws and regulations as well as matters agreed upon with relevant parties.

2. The Group will address the following issues through its business activities.

(1) Reducing the Group’s impact on the environment

・Reducing the environmental impacts of our products.

・Preventing environmental pollution

(2) Ensuring health and safety

・Eliminating work-related accidents

・Creating safe and healthy workplaces

(3) Implementing disaster prevention activities

・Eradicating fires

・Minimizing damage from natural disasters

3. The Group will establish an EHS disaster prevention management system and continually work toward its improvement.

4. The Group will announce this policy both internally and publicly.