Water Risk Manegement

Murata is striving to realize efficient use of the water resources that we employ in our business activities. We have set targets for each of our worksites and we are presently working to reduce our water usage in order to enable us to realize the company-wide targets set out in our 6th Environmental Action Plan. We are also responding to water risks that impact on our corporate activities. 

Status of Progress of Our 6th Environmental Action Plan

Last fiscal year we realized a 19% reduction in our water usage, achieving our target. At Wuxi Murata Electronics, we are treating wastewater to a level at which it can be reused in production processes, enabling us to reduce our water usage by 100,000 t over the course of the year.

Responding to Water Risks

Using WRI Aqueduct*1 and WBCSD Global Water Tool*2, in addition to data published by the authorities and other sources, Murata has set its own evaluation standards and is using these in evaluating water risks (drought risk and flood risk).

We evaluated three levels of drought risk (high, medium, and low) for each of our worksites. Looking at the volume of water usage by individual evaluation, the results showed that 98% of our total water usage was in regions with low or medium risk, indicating that drought risk is low. We evaluated flood risk based on frequency of occurrence and degree of impact, and we found that none of our worksites are located in high-risk areas.

When we acquire new factory sites, we also study risks from perspectives including the availability of water resources and wastewater regulations.

*1 A water risk evaluation tool developed by the World Resources Institute (WRI)
*2 A water risk evaluation tool developed by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

Water usage by drought risk evaluation
Trends in water usage (By water source)

Trends in wastewater discharge (By destination for discharge)

Third-party verification of water use