Murata Americas - Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors Developed for Automotive Market

RCE Series


Smyrna, GA, Feb 11, 2014 - Murata Americas today announced the launch of its RCE Series, a monolithic ceramic capacitor (MLCC) line developed to meet the stringent needs of the automotive market. The new radial, lead and halogen free solution complies with both the AEC-Q200 requirement and the ISO7636-2 surge test. Depending on the capacitance and voltage rating, package dimensions range from 3.6x3.5mm to 7.7x13.0mm and offer an operating temperature range of -55º C to 125º C.

Today’s vehicle has many electronic control units that enable absolute precision. Given that, motor devices are required to be increasingly compact with low EMI noise. The RCE Series achieves that by smoothing power and removing noise while simultaneously protecting the sensor against surges.

“Because of Murata’s expansive and deep understanding of the automotive market, we are able to anticipate the needs of engineers in this always-evolving industry,” said Frank Yang, Application Engineer, and Murata Americas. “With the RCE Series, we created an advanced, feature-rich and cost conscious solution for harsh operating environments. This series is able to withstand high bending stress of printed circuit boards and its leads can also be welded and custom-formed.“

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