Murata Americas - Murata Expands HF-Band RFID Tag Product Line for Tracking, Certification and Authentication Apps



Smyrna, GA, Apr 8, 2014 - Murata today announced the expansion of its LXMS series, one of the world’s most advanced and smallest HF-band RFID tag product lines. Operating in the 13.56 MHz band and fully ISO14443 compliant, the LXMS33HCNK-167 tag measures just 3.2 x 3.2 x 0.7 mm and can be used with any reader-writer combination that conforms to the same standard. The tag is suitable for use in numerous operating environments and surmounts design challenges such as high temperature and high humidity. Further, it suits a wide range of applications and object tracking, certification and authentication applications, making it ideal for use in the smart device market.

RFID devices require an antenna to capture information from the NFC tag that, due to the frequencies involved the antenna, can become extremely large. Murata has resolved this by embedding the antenna directly into the multi-layer substrate allowing the tag to be extremely small. Using this approach, the LXMS tag is extremely resistant to harsh environmental conditions and is highly stable in operation. When used with a 200 mW reader-writer, the read range is typically 15 mm.

“In the less than 18 months since we first introduced the LXMS HF series, we have made considerable strides in its development. We are always striving to not only meet, but exceed market expectations,” said Gerry Hubers, Business Development Manager, Murata Electronics North America. “By changing the IC, the LXMS series is truly a NFC Forum type2 (ISO14443A) compliant tag, making it very favorable for the smart device market.”

“The launch of the I²C MAGICSTRAP® further demonstrates how Murata is at the forefront of RFID product development and its deployment,” said Gerry Hubers, Business Development Manager, Murata Electronics. “We are very excited to have a hand in its long-term impact and success.”

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