Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors 0603 Size Available with X5R Characteristics, 0.1µF, 25V

Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors 0603 Size Available with X5R Characteristics, 0.1µF, 25V



Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has commercialized the new low profile monolithic ceramic capacitor, 0603 size (0.6×0.3mm) with having X5R characteristics, 0.1μF, 25V.


Against a background where sets increasingly have had more advanced functions, the need for monolithic ceramic capacitors with larger capacities is increasing, especially for the sets for devices such as smartphones and laptop PCs that require high-density mounting parts.


X5R characteristics, 0.1μF and 25V, it has achieved down sizing from 1005 size (1.0×0.5mm) to 0603 size (0.6×0.3mm) and can be mounted to sets that require high-density mounting.


Smart Phones, Tablet PC, Laptop PC

Parts List

0603size, X5R characteristics,0.1μF, K tolerance (±10%) , rated voltage 25V: GRM033R61E104KE14

Electric characteristics

Temperature Characteristics:  X5R
Rated voltage:
Capacitance range: 
Operating temperature range:

External Size

External Size

0603 Size: L=0.6±0.03, W=0.3±0.03, T=0.3±0.03 (mm)


Mass Production


X5R characteristics: A temperature characteristic in which the capacitance change rate is ±15% when the operating temperature range is -55°C to 85°C.
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