More radiation noise suppression components (small-sized and low-priced products) for LED lighting added to line-up
-NFZ2HBM (NFZ_B) Series-

LED照明用放射ノイズ対策部品のラインアップ拡大 (小型・低価格品) -NFZ2HBM (NFZ_B) シリーズ-



Murata has now added the compact multilayer NFZ2HBM series to its NFZ_B series of noise filters whose applications are specifically designed and manufactured to remove radiation noise from the power lines in LED lighting equipment.


In recent years, noise problems where the noise generated from LED lighting equipment (*1) has resulted in interference with the reception of the signals by both TVs and radios have been reported, and the need to suppress this noise has become more urgent.
Murata already offers the wire-wound-type NFZ32BW series on the marketplace, but there is demand for lower prices. To meet this demand, Murata has created a line-up of small-sized, low-priced multilayer components.



・These filters have the smallest size in the NFZ_B series of noise suppression components that are designed to be used in LED lighting equipment.
・A low DC resistance is achieved despite the compact dimensions.
・The filters come with a low price tag since they are multilayer components.
・Ten models have been made available for different bands of radiation noise-targeted for suppression, and the optimum radiation noise suppression effects can be obtained for the particular circuit in which the components are used.
・Both flow and reflow soldering methods are supported for mounting.


Suppression of radiation noise from power lines in LED lighting equipment

Parts List

NFZ2HBM_SN10# (#: package code)
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Electric characteristics

*1: When applied Rated current to the Products, self temperature rise shall be limited to 20℃ max.
Typical value is actual performance.
Operating temperature range:-55~125℃(Self-temperature rise is not included)

External Size



Mass Production



*1 LED lighting equipment: This refers to lighting equipment that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The kind of LED lighting equipment that is designed for use in homes in general is increasingly replacing the conventional kind of equipment that uses incandescent bulbs or fluorescent lights.

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