[muRata] Fortifying the Murata lineup of SAW Resonators, introducing the Smallest in the Industry.

SAW Resonator



Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has strengthened it's current line up of SAW resonators, with the industry's smallest product (3.0x3.0mm) being mass produced for remote keyless entry (RKE) applications. This product is characterized by a low-profile, low-resistance, narrow tolerance, and high reliability, in order to respond to downsizing and a wide range of applications such as TPMS.

  • SARDA series for low-profile applications
    We have reduced the height of existing models by less than 1.15mm to less than 0.85mm using our packaging technology.
  • SARCC3**/4**M**AXL series for low-resistance applications
    We have reduced the resonant loss of less than 2.2dB in the existing model to less than 1.5dB (315MHz band) with our electrode design technology. Low electric energy consumption is realized.
  • SARCC3**/4**M**CXD series for narrow-tolerance applications
    We have reduced the initial tolerance of ±170ppm in the existing model to ±50ppm (300MHz and 400MHz bands) by incorporating new processes.
  • SAR3**/4**M**SX series for high-reliability applications
    We have made automobile electronics applications possible (-40 to +125°C) by optimizing process parameters.

Since these products have high frequency stability, it is possible to simplify external components in the resonator circuit, contributing to making circuits non-adjusting and low cost. Furthermore, in order to make the products usable at regional frequency bands (300MHz band for Japan and the USA, 400MHz and 800MHz bands for Europe), we have produced a lineup covering a wide range of resonating frequencies from 300MHz band to the 800MHz band.

We plan to produce 3 million units per months starting in the spring of 2006. Some models will be produced in Chinese plants as well.

These models are going to be exhibited at the Murata booth in "Techno-Frontier Exhibit" held at Makuhari Messe, Chiba City,

Chiba Prefecture startin g on April 19, 2006.


In order to improve convenience, security and strengthen safety in automobiles, more cars are now equipped with RKE and TPMS. RKE is expanding it's presence in a wide variety of applications such as garage door openers and burglar alarms. Some countries are already preparing legislatures to make TPMS mandatory. Incorporation of RKE and TPMS technology is projected to advance further in the future.


Wide variation
  • Low-profile at less than 0.85mm high (3.0x3.0x0.85mm max.)
  • Low-resistance, low resonant loss at less than 1.5dB (315MHz band)
  • Narrow-tolerance ±50ppm compliant (300MHz and 400MHz bands)
  • High-reliability operating temperature between -40 and +125°C guaranteed


  • Transmitter senders and oscillator receivers in RKE, TPMS, burglar alarms, remote controls, security systems, etc.


Acronym for Remote keyless entry. Wireless door locking/unlocking mechanism.

Acronym for Tire pressure monitoring system. Monitors air pressure of tires.




Scheduled to produce over 3 million units per month starting in spring 2006

*Production of models are scheduled to start as they become ready starting in April 2006. Some models can be produced in Chinese plants.

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