Murata Announces Wi-Fi Network Controller Module with Access Point and Station Dual Mode



Plano, TX, Jun 18, 2012 - Murata Already in mass distribution Murata Wireless Solutions (MWS) today announced that the SN8200 Wi-Fi Network Controller Module is now supporting the access point (AP) and station (STA) dual mode feature. The SN8200 is a small, low power, self-contained, certified Wi-Fi network controller module that provides simple serial-to-Wi-Fi connectivity to the Internet. It is an ideal solution for manufacturers who are looking to add wireless connectivity to home appliances or other devices for the healthcare equipment, industrial control and monitoring markets.

Easy connection and configuration are very critical in M2M applications, such as smart appliance, industrial control and monitoring. In these applications, the device typically does not have a display and keyboard, making the initial Wi-Fi set-up complicated and not user friendly. With the SN8200, the AP/STA dual mode feature enables mobile wireless devices like laptops, tablets and smart phones to connect to the target device easily. In addition, SN8200 supports built-in web server under AP mode, which greatly simplifies the target device control.

Enabled with Broadcom Corporation’s Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED™), additional integrated features of the SN8200 (P/N 88-00151-00) are built-in TCP/IP network stack, security supplicant and other network application elements, such as web server. The module provides Murata’s Simple Network Interface Card (SNIC) serial-to-Wi-Fi interface protocol that treats the Wi-Fi module as a simple serial port, reducing the development and integration effort for design engineers and shortening the time-to-market. The module is also FCC and IC Certified and compliant with ETSI standards EN 300 328 and EN 301 489.

“Murata continues to add advanced features into the SN8200 product to reach a broader market and to offer more value to our customers,” said Mehul Udani, General Manager of Murata Wireless Solutions group. “The SN8200 is the first module from MWS’ Network Controller Module product line. The family is comprised of footprint compatible modules with flexible software personalities and hardware configurations to match customer needs. Variants include antenna diversity, microcontroller speed, flash memory size, peripheral interfaces and advanced software feature options like access point mode, Wi-Fi Direct, Smart Energy Profile 2.0, and IPv6.”

The SN8200 Serial-to-Wi-Fi Network Controller development kits (P/N 88-00151-85) are available now from distributers for $199. The SN8200 module is priced in the mid to high teens. For more information, please visit

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