Murata Introduces Industrial-Grade High-Power Class 1 Bluetooth Module



Boston, MA, September 19, 2012 - Murata Americas expanded the company’s wireless modules portfolio today by introducing its new industrial grade, high-power Class 1 Bluetooth® module - the SN2100 - at Design East 2012 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts. With the Class 1 power output, the module is designed to achieve a broader transmission range than typical Bluetooth solutions. Plus, the solution operates in standard industrial operating temperature range of - 40 ºC to 85 ºC and offers a standard HCI interface to host CPU.

As a result, the SN2100 is ideally suited for industrial control and monitoring applications that demand longer and broader distance coverage, greater operating temperature range, and extended product life. It is also well suited for lighting-control, home automation, home energy management and healthcare and wellness applications.

Mehul Udani, General Manager for Murata Wireless Solutions (a division of Murata) said, “With this new certified Bluetooth module, original equipment manufacturers can finally connect their applications to the personal area network that has been adopted virtually worldwide and without being encumbered with Bluetooth’s historical short-range transmission and power-hogging consumption issues.”

Combined with 18 dBm transmit power output, receive sensitivity of -92 dBm and its on-board chip antenna, the Bluetooth Class 1 SN2100 transmission coverage is up to 800 feet (250 meters), enabling OEMs to deliver products with both broader transmission range and better performance against interference in the already crowded 2.4GHz frequency band.

The Murata SN2100 module combines the Texas Instrument Bluetooth integrated circuit CC2560A, a power amplifier, radio frequency front end, TCXO (ensuring clock accuracy), and chip antenna into a small Land Grid Array form factor. Additionally, the SN2100 uniquely features an on-module 32 kHz slow clock that decreases implementation time and cost. This compact FCC/IC certified CE marked radio module can be easily integrated into OEM product designs without taking up valuable space in end-products that are increasingly shrinking in size. The total footprint is 17.5 mm x 16.0 mm x 2.0 mm.

Udani added, “As a certified module, the SN2100 is a complete solution making it attractive to engineers because it reduces software integration challenges and certification requirements. Both significantly reduce time-to-market in a world where first-to-market often means obtaining and retaining the customer.”

To alleviate engineering software integration complexity, SN2100 has been verified with the pre-integrated Bluetooth stack in popular microcontroller platforms MSP430 and Stellaris® from Texas Instruments. With FCC / IC certification and CE mark, engineers are saved from the hassles of putting their end-product through the rigors and expense of testing and certifications with both US and Canadian regulatory bodies and with the Bluetooth SIG.

The SN2100 module (Murata part number 88-00150-00) will be available from Murata’s distribution partners by November 1, 2012. The module is produced for high-volume applications and priced accordingly. For more information, visit Murata at Design East 2012 in booth #809 or go to Murata Wireless Solutions’ website at

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