Murata's MAGICSTRAP® Receives Green IT Award

Scene of the Award Ceremony (Left: Yukio Hamaji, Director of the Technology & Business Development Unit)


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

President/Statutory Representative Director: Tsuneo Murata
Green IT Promotion Council Chairman's Awards


MAGICSTRAP®, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.'s key device for use in RFIDs (electronic tags) , has received the Chairman's Award at the 2013 Green IT Awards hosted by the Green IT Committee (formerly the Green IT Promotion Council) of JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association) .

Our MAGICSTRAP® for use in RFIDs (electronic tags) enables the life-cycle traceability of electronic products, and it was highly acclaimed for widely contributing to "an energy-saving society made possible through IT." Yukio Hamaji, Director of the Technology & Business Development Unit, attended the award ceremony held on September 18.


The Green IT Committee is carrying on the activities of the Green IT Promotion Council (GIPC) and is involved in creating an energy-saving technology roadmap for "IT energy-saving (of IT) and societal energy-saving through IT (by IT) " and increasing the level of enlightenment with regards to Green IT both at home and abroad. The Green IT Awards honor bodies that develop, distribute and use IT equipment, etc. (IT devices, software, services, systems, etc.) and contribute to reducing the consumption of energy in society. Honoring IT devices, etc. helps Green IT activities to penetrate even deeper into society, and the awards aim at realizing a society that can both conserve the environment and establish economic growth.

Details on the MAGICSTRAP®

Automatic identification technology represented by barcode technology is already widely prevalent in society, and there are high hopes for the widespread distribution of radio-wave technology (passive RFID) for the purpose of overcoming problems inherent with optical automatic identification technology. The Murata MAGICSTRAP® has built-in high-frequency circuit technology and 4 kinds of antenna reference design to enable RFID tag functions to be easily incorporated onto printed circuit boards, and is also compact and saves on resources.

Attaching the MAGICSTRAP® with an antenna reference design onto PCB makes life-cycle traceability for a wide range of electronic devices a viable proposition. This enables the immediate identification of multiple IDs and data rewriting from the manufacturing stage through to the distribution, maintenance, disposal and recycling stages. In case radio waves are able to penetrate the housing and packaging, it is possible for the MAGICSTRAP® mounted on printed circuit boards to be identified and rewritten without dismantling or unpacking the electronic device in question.

Example of MAGICSTRAP® mounted onto a printed circuit board

Example of MAGICSTRAP® mounted onto a printed circuit board

Example of MAGICSTRAP® mounted onto a printed circuit board

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