Murata Americas - MAGICSTRAP® RFID Device with I²C Interface Enables Wireless Config During and After Production



Smyrna, GA, Apr 8, 2014 - Murata today announced that it has developed the LXMS2HACNF-165, the latest addition in the company’s innovative MAGICSTRAP® RFID product line. Measuring just 2.5mm x 2.0mm x 1.0mm, it has the same features as the standard MAGICSTRAP® products, but with the addition of an I²C interface*². This enables the user to utilize the wireless RFID channel to communicate with the device’s microprocessor, memory or sensors. With this powerful feature, the user can define or re-configure the product’s parameters at any time during production or after final assemble.

Using the I²C MAGICSTRAP® provides for a low cost wireless interface that does not require wireless certification as with many other wireless technologies. Given that, it is ideally suited for a greater number of markets and applications, such as production control, product management, commodity management and logistics.

Murata’s MAGICSTRAP® line offers built-in high-frequency circuit technology that is easily incorporated onto the printed circuit board. Simply attaching the compact solution with Murata’s antenna reference design makes life-cycle traceability for a wide range of electronic devices viable. This allows for complete product identification starting with manufacturing, through the distribution channel, maintenance, disposal, and recycling stages. Additionally, if radio waves are able to penetrate the housing and packaging, it is possible for the MAGICSTRAP® to be identified and rewritten without dismantling or unpacking the electronic device in question.

“The launch of the I²C MAGICSTRAP® further demonstrates how Murata is at the forefront of RFID product development and its deployment,” said Gerry Hubers, Business Development Manager, Murata Electronics. “We are very excited to have a hand in its long-term impact and success.”

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