Murata Expands World's Thinnest Waterproof Piezoelectric Speaker Line

Waterproof Piezoelectric Speaker


Smyrna, GA, January 10, 2012 - Murata Americas today announced the expansion of the world’s thinnest waterproof piezoelectric speaker product line, complementing our existing line of non-waterproof thin speakers. The new VSLBG2216E1100-T0 builds on the success of Murata’s earlier waterproof model (VSLBG1914E1400-T0) with enhanced sound quality through a slightly wider package (22 x 16.5mm). Measuring only 0.9mm in thickness, the speaker retains its ultra low profile proportions and unique watertight abilities (IPX7* compliant) while increasing performance. These innovations make the speaker ideally suited for mobile electronics, particularly thin ones that may be exposed to wet environments or possible short-term submersion.

“Murata is always striving to provide unique, sophisticated components in small packages,” stated Peter Tiller, Marketing Manager, Murata Americas. “With the new larger waterproof piezoelectric speaker, we can offer greater sound output yet still eliminate the need for the costly waterproof cover sheet that is required for conventional speakers.”

There are numerous other benefits to Murata’s impermeable speakers. The high torque piezoelectric motor allows the thin speaker to effectively work with very small back cavity volumes (i.e. 20cc) that prove to be very challenging for conventional speakers. In addition to eliminating the costs of the waterproof sheet and its installation, the VSLBG2216E series offers higher quality music playback because the sound output hole is no longer blocked. Piezo thin speakers do not use a magnet, so designers do not need to worry about iron sand absorption or electromagnetic noise. Further, the new speaker uses a lower primary resonant frequency than the previously introduced VSLBG1914E1400-T0, enhancing lower frequency response.

Sample pricing of the new VSLBG2216E is $3.30 per piece in small quantities, with an approximate lead-time of 10 to 12 weeks. Further information can be found at our web site.


Waterproof performance grade defined by JIS and IEC. This grade indicates waterproof protection against immersion in water for a short period of time. To be more specific, this standard is defined in JIS C0920 (IEC 60529).

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