Murata Expands Piezoelectric Sounder Line

PKLCS Buzzer


Smyrna, GA, January 10, 2012 - Murata Americas today announced the expansion of its PKLCS family with two new SMD piezoelectric sounders at 2.4kHz for the portable, industrial, and automotive markets. The PKLCS1212E2400-R1 (consumer version) and PKLCS1212E24A0-R1 (automotive/industrial version) both have very low profile surface mount packages, a 5dB increase in sound pressure level (verses Murata’s PKLCS sounder at 2kHz), and are fully reflow solder compatible. They are ideally suited for applications that need to minimize the use of leaded components or have all components be low profile.

The new PKLCS sounders’ thin profile (3mm) and modest dimensions allow the part to easily fit in miniaturized portable electronics. Further, the SMD package enables more efficient manufacturing since the parts can be mounted using pick and place equipment. Other benefits include the ability to survive reflow soldering with no impact to performance and a low frequency operation (2.4kHz) with improved loudness verse existing 2kHz product. The small increase in operational frequency 2.0kHz to 2.4kHz permits significant gains in loudness.

“Murata was the first to offer a true surface mount piezoelectric sounder,” stated Peter Tiller, Marketing Manager, Murata Americas. “Many competitive ceramic based products struggle to maintain operational performance after reflow soldering. One of Murata’s key differentiators is our piezoelectric ceramics’ unsurpassed stability, performance, and reliability. This is what allows us to offer the automotive and industrial grade of our PKLCS sounder family.”

Sample pricing of the new PKLCS products is $1.50 per piece in small quantities, with an approximate lead-time of 10 to 12 weeks. Further information can be found in our catalog.

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