Murata Americas - World’s Smallest Surface Mount Buzzer

PKMCS Series


Smyrna, GA, Jan 7, 2014 - Murata Americas today announced the expansion of its Surface mount piezoelectric buzzer family with the launch of the PKMCS0909E4000-R1, the smallest surface mount buzzer available on the market today. Measuring just 9x9mm, this piezoelectric solution fully withstands reflow soldering without the slightest degradation in performance. It also delivers an extremely low profile of 1.9mm, while maintaining a loudness of 65dB minimum at 4kHz (with a battery friendly drive voltage of +/-1.5Vo-p). Louder sound output is possible with higher drive voltage. Couple these features with low power consumption and a lightweight package, this latest PKMCS offering is ideally suited for battery powered devices needing audible user feedback, such as digital thermometers, blood sugar meters, and wall or remote mounted smart devices.

“Murata was the first-to-market with a true surface mount piezoelectric buzzer, and we continue to push technological and materials advancements to yield another industry first,” stated Peter Tiller, Device Product Group General Manager, Murata Americas. “For years, offered products have struggled to maintain peak performance after reflow soldering. Murata’s surface mount buzzer product line unquestionably resolves that for design engineers while offering this next step in the miniaturization of piezoelectric buzzers. We achieve this through our piezoelectric ceramics’ unsurpassed stability, performance, and reliability.”

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