Miniaturized, 50ppm Hybrid Crystal Resonator Line Available from Murata



Smyrna, GA, August 28, 2012 - Murata Americas today introduced its newest member of the HCR (Hybrid Crystal Resonator) family, the ± 50ppm XRCGB-F-N series. Murata’s continuous development of the HCR family has resulted in this new tighter frequency tolerance, further expanding the value proposition HCR offers to design engineers. The new ± 50ppm device is available in the HCR’s diminutive 2016 package for the specific frequencies of 24, 25, 26, 27, and 30MHz. In addition to meeting this tighter tolerance, the XRCGB-F-N series still maintains high shock and drive resistance compared to traditional crystals. As an added benefit, there is no need to change the board layout as all HCR products can share the same pads of larger crystals (3225 and 2025) allowing it to be effectively used as an alternative source.

Currently in the market, there is not a crystal resonator product that combines low cost, small size (2016), and a ± 50ppm tolerance into one part. Design engineers either had to choose a larger less expensive package (such as 3225) or a traditional small 2016 package that commanded a cost premium. Murata’s HCR product line can now buck this trend and offer a low cost ± 50ppm solution in a 2016 package that targets cost and size sensitive applications. With this new higher level of accuracy, the XRCGB-F-N series is suited for consumer and industrial market applications, including platform control hubs (PCH), wired Ethernet, and application or graphic processors.

“Murata continues to think outside the box and develop new versions of the HCR family to meet the market demands for innovative crystal products,” said Amanda Milewski, Business Development Engineer, Murata Americas. “Moreover, with the introduction of our new XRCGB-F-N series, Murata is able to offer the market a ± 50ppm crystal that combines low cost and small size that traditional crystals were not able to offer.”

The XRCGB-F-N series is available for an estimated $0.35 in small quantities (3,000 pieces) with an approximate lead time of 10 weeks. More information can be found at

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