Disclosure Policy

This section is an explanatory section in order to assist the viewers of this home page to fully comprehend our disclosure policies.

1. Basic Disclosure Policy

The Company has established "corporate ethics and behavioral guidelines" to enable all its directors and employees to act sensibly as a member of the Company, and the Company conducts its business based on prescribed laws and regulations as well as the ethics and moral values that lie behind them. The Company's basic information disclosure policy is to disclose accurate information to stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, in a timely and fair manner. The Company strives for timely disclosure of Information on Material Fact defined in the timely disclosure regulations of stock exchanges on which the Company is listed, and also of other information which the Company considers to be effective for understanding the Company.

2. Method of Disclosure

In accordance with the timely disclosure regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Singapore Exchange on which the Company is listed, the Company discloses information applicable to these regulations via the timely disclosure systems of TDnet and SGXNET. The Company posts such publicly disclosed information on its Website promptly to notify the information fairly to general investors.
The Company also discloses information other than those applicable to the timely disclosure regulations through news media and the Company's Website, when the Company considers them to be effective for understanding the Company.

3. Forecasts

Forecasts on the Company's future business performance in the Company's disclosure materials are based on the information available at the time of disclosure and certain assumptions that the Company considers to be reasonable. Actual performance may differ significantly from the business forecasts due to various risk factors and uncertainties. Investors are asked not to depend too much on the business forecasts.

4. Quiet Period

To prevent the leakage of business results and ensure fairness, the Company has specified the period from the day following the end of each quarter to the business results announcement date for the said quarter as a quiet period. During this period, the Company basically refrains from responding to any inquiries on its business results and making any comments thereof. However, if the Company anticipates a significant difference to occur between the original forecasts and actual results during the quiet period, the Company will disclose such information timely based on the disclosure regulations.

5. Others

When searching the Company's information on this Website, please also refer to the Site policy, in addition to this Disclosure Policy.

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