Murata’s 1 W DC-DC NXE1 range extended to include 3.3V models

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Murata announces the extension of the NXE1 series of low cost 1 Watt DC-DC converters from Murata Power Solutions to include the NXE1S0303MC and NXE1S0305MC. The addition of these new models with 3.3V inputs and output voltages of 3.3 and 5V expands this range of high reliability, high isolation, automated manufacture, 1W surface-mount DC-DC converters.

Measuring only 12.7 x 10.4 x 4.8 mm, these ultra-compact converters have a profile at least 35% lower than the 7 mm height industry norm, making them suitable for use in even the smallest space-constrained designs. Also, unlike other isolated surface mount DC-DC converters available in the market, the NXE1 has the benefit of being manufactured using automated processes that greatly improve overall product reliability, delivering consistent performance characteristics.

Other space-saving features of the NXE1 include a transformer that is embedded in the substrate. Together all the innovative design and fabrication features of the NXE1 contribute to Murata being able to price the series very competitively. Input to output isolation is up to 3 kVDC.

With an industry standard pin compatible footprint, the series is ideal as a replacement product in existing designs as well as for new compact applications. Short circuit protection is standard and the series can be used across the full industrial temperature range from -40 to +85°C.

The NXE1 is certified to the internationally recognized UL60950 safety standard for reinforced insulation.

“With a profile of at least 35% lower than the industry standard, the new 3.3V models offer high reliability and high isolation, delivering consistent application performance,” says Product Manager Ann-Marie Bayliss. 


  • Patents pending 
  • Lower Profile 
  • UL60950 recognition 
  • 3kVDC Isolation “Hi Pot Test” 
  • Substrate Embedded Transformer 
  • Automated Manufacture

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