Development of miniature surface-mount isolated DC-DC converters for PoE

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Murata has developed the MYBSP series of miniature surface-mount isolated DC-DC converters for Power over Ethernet (PoE).
This product can be used as a power converter for network devices including wireless access points, network security cameras, and IP telephones.
Mass production will be carried out by commencing in March 2017. The sample price is 4,000 yen. 


In the network device market, an increasing number of devices are fitted with PoE for eliminating the necessity of installing AC power supplies and reducing wiring. Additionally, miniaturization of the power supply section of these devices along with the increasing degree of miniaturization and functional sophistication of equipment is necessary.
This newly developed MYBSP series of DC-DC converters incorporates hardware classification protocol functions that conform to the IEEE802.3at PoE communication standard. The product employs a sheet-type transformer, realizing high dielectric strength and reliability as well as miniaturization.
Until now, insertion terminal type power supply modules have been produced, but they necessitated mounting space on both sides of the customer’s board. The MYBSP product uses surface-mount cylindrical terminals, thus eliminating through-holes in the customer’s board and also enabling miniaturization of the power supply module itself. As a result, the area occupied by the board is reduced, increasing the degree of circuit design flexibility.


・Provided with IEEE802.3at hardware classification protocol functions
・Achieves miniaturization and high dielectric strength: 2.25 kVdc
・Uses surface-mount cylindrical terminals, enabling them to be easily mounted using reflow soldering


・All IEEE802.3at devices
・Network devices such as wireless access points, security cameras, and IP telephone

Part number

MYBSP0122BABF(12 V/2.125 A, 25.5 W output)
MYBSP0055AABF(5.0 V/5.1 A, 25.5 W output)

Details are set out below.

Electric characteristics

Part number MYBSP0055AABF MYBSP0122BABF
Input voltage range 42.5-57V
Output voltage 5.0V 12V
Output current 5.1A 2.125A
Output power 25.5W
Isolation voltage(Primary-Secondary) 2.25kV
Efficiency 88% 91%
Regulation +/-3%

External size

22.4 × 35.5 × 10.55 mm


Mass Production is scheduled to commence in March 2017.

Sample Price

4,000 yen/unit

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