Murata enhances lineup of MonoBlock type POL compact DC-DC converters for FPGA

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Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has enhanced its lineup of MonoBlock type POL series low-noise DC-DC converters with high power density for FPGA, ASIC, and MCU.

In addition to previously released 6A and 20A products, Murata is now introducing five new products including a 30A product: MYSGK1R830FRSR, two 12A products: MYMGK1R812FRSR and MYMGK1R812ERSR, and two 4A products: MYMGK1R804FRSR and MYMGK00504ERSR.

These new products are suited mainly for wireless communications devices, PCIe boards, and other devices that require space savings and low-noise characteristics.

As devices incorporate more advanced functions, miniaturization of the power supply section can help achieve effective use of board space.

Mass production of these products has already begun at Wakura Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and samples are available.



  • Size / Total solution size of the POL products, including external capacitors is small
  • Fast Transient performance / Less external capacitors

  • Small size SMD type: 14 x 11 x t8.3mm (MYSGK1R830FRSR)
    10.5 x 9.0 x t5.6mm (MYMGK1R812FRSR 、MYMGK1R812ERSR)
    9.0 x 7.5x t5.0mm (MYMGK1R804FRSR、MYMGK00504ERSR) 
  • Operating Temperature range: -40 to +85 ℃ 
  • Low EMI
For samples, please ask your Murata sales representative.

MonoBlock type POL Series Datasheet

*The product name was changed from “Monoblock” to “MonoBK™” on September 8, 2019.

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