Olivine Type Lithium Iron Phosphate Lithium Ion Secondary Battery (FORTELION)


Murata’s FORETELION is a highly safe
lithium ion secondary battery that uses
olivine type lithium iron phosphate for
its cathode with an expected life of
over 15 years.

“FORTELION” andFORTELIONare Registered trademark of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

“FORTELION” is a combination of the Italian term 「Forte (strong)」 and 「Li-Ion (lithium ion)」 which represents its 「Stronger safety, Stronger life, and reliability in various environments」 compared to general lithium ion secondary batteries.

Six features

SubTitleIconNo01 High Safety

  • The crystalline structure is thermally stable, and thermal runaway does not occur due to overcharging or internal short circuits.

First Lithium Ion Secondary Battery to obtain fire protection certification

First in Japan to obtain the international standard UL9540A report

SubTitleIconNo02 Long life (Calendar)

* Expected life of 15 years or more

Capacity deterioration becomes more gradual over time. (A film forms on the anode.)

  • Self-discharge is also extremely low (a few percent per year) compared to lead batteries.

SubTitleIconNo03 Long life (Cycle)

* 70% capacity maintained over 15,000 charge/discharge cycles, DOD100% (room temperature 23°C)

The crystalline structure is solid and stable, so capacity deterioration is gradual even with repeated charging/discharging.

SubTitleIconNo04 Long life (Float Charging)

Capacity deterioration is gradual even in the float charging state.(the condition when stored with charging voltage applied).

SubTitleIconNo05 High input/output

6C discharge and 1C charge is possible.
This makes these batteries ideal for the instantaneous voltage drop countermeasures and backup power that are important in the event of natural disasters, and applications where power is required such as stabilization of renewable energy.

SubTitleIconNo06 Cobalt free

The use of cathodes mainly composed of iron poses fewer resource constraints and is environmentally friendly.