Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorsCaution for Use and Storage condition


  1. Prohibited Circuits For Use
    Do not use the capacitor with the following circuits.
    ①Time-constant circuit
    ②Coupling circuits
    ③2 or more capacitors connected serially
    ④Circuit which are greatly affected by leakage current
  2. Polarity
    Polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitor is polarized. Please not to reverse the polarity when using.If reverse voltage is applied even momentary, it may damage the oxide film and the capacitor itself.
  3. Operating Voltage
    When DC-rated capacitors are to be used in AC or ripple current circuits, be sure to maintain the Vp-p value of the applied voltage or the Vo-p which contains DC bias within the rated voltage range. When the voltage is applied to the circuit, starting or stopping may generate irregular voltage for a transit period because of resonance or switching. Be sure to use a capacitor with a rated voltage range that includes these irregular voltages.
  4. Inrush Current
    Extreme inrush current may cause short circuit or leakage current increase. If the inrush current exceeds 20A, adding protection circuit is recommended.
  5. Allowable Ripple Current
    Please not to apply ripple current exceeding the allowable value specified in this document. If excessive current is applied, it may generate heat and the heat may damage the capacitor. The sum of DC voltage and the peak AC voltage shall not exceed the rated voltage. The sum of the DC voltage and the peak AC voltage shall not allow a voltage reversal.
  6. Operating Temperature
    The operating temperature limit depends on the capacitor.
    ①Do not apply temperature exceeding the upper operating temperature. It is necessary to select a capacitor with a suitable rated temperature that will cover the operating temperature range. Also it is necessary to consider the temperature distribution in equipment and the seasonal temperature variable factor.
    ②Consider the self-heating of the capacitor. The surface temperature of the capacitor shall be the upper operating temperature or less when including the self-heating factors.
  7. Reflow Soldering
    Please not to apply excessive force to the capacitor during insertion as well as after soldering. The excessive force may result in damage to electrode terminals and/or degradation of electrical performance.
  8. Operating Environment
    Confirm the environment in which the equipment will operate is under the specified conditions. Do not use the equipment under the following environments.
    ①Being spattered with water or oil. ②Being exposed to direct sunlight.
    ③Being exposed to Ozone, ultraviolet rays or radiation.
    ④Being exposed to toxic gas (e.g., hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, ammonia gas, etc.)
    ⑤Being exposed to excessive vibrations or mechanical shocks.
    ⑥Being exposed to condensable environments.

Storage Conditions

  1. Term of warranty for this product is two years after packaging in a moisture-proof bag, under the conditions below with sealed packaging.
    Recommended storage environment Room temperature: 5-30°C Humidity: no more than 60%RH
  2. Polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors should not be stored in an atmosphere consisting of corrosive gas (e.g., hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, ammonia gas, etc.).
  3. Polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors should be stored in a dry atmosphere, avoiding direct sunlight and condensation. If capacitors are kept at a higher humidity, the following problems may occur:
    ①Leakage current will increase at the beginning of use and damage the circuit.
    ②Moisture absorbed in a resin will evaporate and expand with heat of mounting and damage the mold resin.
  4. Please confirm a dry state with a humidity indicator card after open immediately. If 20% indication was in a pink state after opened, it is recommended to bake under the conditions below.
  5. The capacitors should be kept dry using desiccators or any other methods after unsealing the moisture-proof packaging. If more than one week has passed under the recommended storage environment specified above after unsealing the packaging, it is recommended to bake under the conditions below.
    Recommended baking conditions Temperature: 60 (+0, -5) °C Time: 168 hours
  6. This product meets MSL-3