WLSC Series

Wire-bondable vertical low profile capacitor down to 100µm

The WLSC (100µm thick) capacitors target RF High Power applications for wireless communication (e.g: 5G), radar and data broadcasting systems. The WLSC capacitors are suitable for DC decoupling, matching network, and harmonic / noise filtering functions. The unique technology of integrated passive devices in silicon developed by Murata*, can solve most of the problems encountered in demanding applications. These Si capacitors in ultra–deep trenches have been developed with a semiconductor process which enables the integration of high capacitance density from 6nF/mm² to 250nF/mm² (with a breakdown voltage of respectively 150V to 11V). Our SiCap technology features high reliability - up to 10times better than alternative capacitors technologies - thanks to a full control of the production process with high temperature curing (above 900℃) generating a highly pure oxide. This technology provides industry-leading performance particularly in terms of capacitor stability over the full operating DC voltage & temperature range. In addition, intrinsic properties of the silicon show a low dielectric absorption and a low to zero piezo electric effect resulting in no memory effect. This Silicon based technology is ROHS compliant.

*Murata Integrated Passive Solutions

Murata Icon X Key features

  • Ultra low profile 100µm.
  • Low leakage current.
  • High stability (temperature and voltage).
  • Negligible capacitance loss through aging.
  • Compatible with standard wire bonding assembly (ball and wedge).
(please refer to our Assembly Application Note for more details)

Murata Icon X Key applications

  • Any demanding applications such as radar, wireless infrastructure communication, data broadcasting…
  • Standard wire bonding approach (top & bottom gold metallization), easier than MLCC, thanks to a perfect pad flatness.
  • Decoupling / DC noise and harmonic filtering / Matching networks (e.g: GaN power amplifier, LDMOS).
  • High reliability applications.
  • Downsizing. Low profile applications (100µm).
  • Fully compatible with single layer ceramic capacitors and Metal Oxide Semiconductor

Murata Icon X WLSC series Specification

Parameter Value
Capacitance range 47pF to 22nF(*)
Capacitance tolerances ±15%(*)
Operating temperature range -55°C to 150°C
Storage temperature range -70°C to 165°C(*2)
Temperature coefficient +60ppm/K
Breakdown Voltage (BV) 11V, 30V, 50V, 150V(*)
Capacitance variation versus 0.02%/V (from 0 to RVDC)
Equivalent Series Inductor (ESL) Typ 50pH @ SRF (*3)
Equivalent Series Resistor (ESR) Max 50mΩ (*3)
Insulation resistance 10GΩ @ RVDC @ 25℃ t>120s for 10nF
Aging Negligible, < 0.001% / 1000h
Reliability FIT<0.017 parts / billions hours
Capacitor height 100µm(*)

(*) Other values on request (*2) w/o packing(*3) with wire-bonding de-embedded

Murata Icon X Series Lineup

Wire-ondable vertical Low-profile Si Capacitors down to 100µm
from -55℃ to 150℃
Part number Capacitance BV
Case size Thickness
935146528247-xxT 47pF 150V 0201 100µm
935146522310-xxT 100pF 150V 0101 100µm
935146521310-xxT 100pF 150V 0202 100µm
935146529315-xxT 150pF 150V 015015 100µm
935146832410-xxT 1nF 30V 0101 100µm
935146632410-xxT 1nF 50V 0101+ 100µm
935146521410-xxT 1nF 150V 0202 100µm
935146831510-xxT 10nF 30V 0202 100µm
935146630510-xxT 10nF 50V 0303 100µm
935146634522-xxT 22nF 50V 0504 100µm

For other values, contact your Murata sales representative.

Murata Icon X PDF Catalog

PDF documents related to silicon capacitors can be downloaded below

Commercial leaflet WLSC V2.2_Murata (PDF: 1.1 MB)

  • UPDATE 10/1/2019
Download PDF

Assembly Note WBSC / WTSC / WXSC / WLSC_V1.7_Murata (PDF: 0.7 MB)

  • UPDATE 2/2/2018
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