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"NB" is an abbreviation for "Narrow Band." These modules can easily run on less power than LTE modules. These modules are expected to be used for IoT solutions that require low power consumption, and are suitable for environments where batteries are not easily replaceable or where a commercial power supply is unavailable such as smart meters and other remote medical examinations, crop growth management, alarm notifications for security devices, and detection of anomalies when disasters occur.
They are also expected to be used for predictive maintenance of public infrastructure and similar applications.

NB-IoT Module Features

Periodic Uploading of Low-volume Information

NB-IoT is a communication standard for the Internet of Things (IoT), which focuses on low-volume data communications such as sensors. Throughput is low at speeds of 62.50 Kbps upstream and 26.15 kbps downstream, but because upstream communication is faster than downstream, it is suitable for applications that regularly upload small amounts of information collected by sensors.
As a leader in the Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) sector, Murata is a supplier of ultra-compact, low power consumption, and low cost IoT solutions to the market, and offers dedicated NB-IoT modules.

Communication System
Frequency Band Same band as LTE
Frequency Width 200 kHz
License Carrier Licensed Band Support
Transfer Rate (Upstream) 62.50 kbps
Transfer Rate (Downstream) 26.15 kbps
Communication Range Max. 40 km
Communication Range
Power Consumption
Communication Direction
Cloud Connectivity

NB-IoT Modules: Product Information


    Type 1SS
    The LBAD0YW1SS module has a 78 MHz MCU and can support the Open MCU function, which helps customers to conserve product memory.


    Type 1SC
    The LBAD00XX1SC module is the world's smallest Cat. M1/NB-IoT module with global certification. It supports GPS/GNSS, OpenMCU, Integrated SIM, and VoLTE (option).


    Type 1WG
    The LBAD00XX1WG module is a Cat. M1/NB-IoT module, and it supports NIDD (For Softbank) in NB-IoT. It meets the certification standards in Japan and supports GPS/GNSS, OpenMCU, Integrated SIM, and VoLTE (option).


    Type 1SE
    The LBAD00ZZ1SE module is a dual-mode Cat. M1/NB-IoT module with built-in MCU from STMicro, MVNO-compatible eSIM, and antenna connector. It supports various certifications and is suitable for speeding up the development process.

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The flow of operations for NB-IoT deployment and for obtaining the evaluation kit are shown here.

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