PLY10 series (High Inductance)

PLY10 Series - High Inductance
The PLY10 series of compact, high-performance hybrid choke coils can handle not only conventional common mode noise, but also the EMI noise (differential mode noise) additionally caused by the power-supply harmonics current regulation circuit. Unlike the traditional approach of combining different components, it offers a very compact solution.

- Features
1. Combines both functions of a common mode choke coil and a differential mode choke coil in a compact body.
2. Low profile of 17.5 mm 
3. Use of the same pin layout as that of a general common mode choke coil allows the customer to replace conventional components easily. 
4. Use of ferrite cores with high permeability makes these high inductance choke coils possible. Their inductances are up to twice those of existing products.

Murata Icon X Series Lineup

Operating Temperature Range:-25゚C to 55゚C, Winding Temperature Rise (at Rated Current):60゚C (Max.)