Noise Suppression for Medical Devices

医療機器向け ノイズ対策

In 1979, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. brought to the market the three-terminal capacitor DS310 ahead of its competitors in industry, and since then, it has maintained a constant position at the forefront of industry in developing EMI suppression products. 

Based on the concept of proprietary product development, as a best solutions partner for customers in suppressing noise, it has also been committed not just to product development but also to the development of new technologies for noise suppression and the dissemination of these technologies. 

Some medical devices differ from general household electric appliances in that they affect human life, so some devices require even more complete noise countermeasures. This page presents the strengths of Murata noise suppression products and Murata's varied expertise in this area, and introduces products suitable for medical devices.



Murata Icon X Noise Suppression Issues in Medical Devices

Noise Countermeasure Issues in Medical Devices
With high-grade medical devices, it is often the case that malfunctions, data corruption and other problems caused by the infiltration of noise from other devices is not allowed. For this reason, countermeasures for preventing both the generation and infiltration of noise are required on devices that are used in these instances. In particular, anti-noise measures are required over a wide range since it is impossible to identify where incoming noise is infiltrating from. 

Murata Icon X Strengths of Murata Noise Suppression Products


1.Murata’s EMC Support Setup

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has established two EMC support centers in Japan, Kyoto and Yokohama, and four of these centers in Greater China Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Taiwan. These centers provide technical support to any customers who are looking for solutions to their noise-related problems. 
Each center has the capabilities to provide the support described below.

2.Core Technology

Murata’s three core technologies have been applied and the most suitable methods for applications have been selected to bring outstanding products to the market.

3.Market Performance

AV and household electrical equipment are increasingly becoming digitized,医療機器向け ノイズ対策,EMI除去フィルタ世界シェア35% and the high-speed clock signals that flow internally through this kind of equipment sometimes adversely affect the equipment as electromagnetic noise. Noise suppression products prevent malfunctions, etc., caused by noise, and, at the same time, contribute to producing high image and sound quality in AV equipment. Murata’s chip EMI suppression filters account for a 35% share of the world market.

* World share is a value estimated by Murata and varies according to markets and applications.

Murata Icon X Noise Case Studies

Noise Suppression Basic Course
Noise Suppression Basic Course
To implement noise suppression in digital devices, it is important to have a good understanding of how noise is generated, how it is transferred, and how it causes problems. This introduction provides basic knowledge related to noise suppression, including the principles of noise generation, various ways that noise is transferred, and the characteristics of noise.
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Cutting-edge Measures to Suppress Noise
Presenting noise suppression solutions that offset the reductions in reception sensitivity caused by the self-inflicted interference of Wi-Fi and that deal with the noise emanating from LED lighting and wireless power transfers. We also introduce ways to select the ideal power inductors for DC-DC converters, as well as solutions for problems that can be implemented at the design stage.
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At the Forefront of Noise Suppression
Noise Suppression Filter Guide
We are providing our customers with a wide range of practical information such as specific noise suppression techniques, how to effectively use Murata products and the basics of EMI suppression filters (for example, principles of operation, characteristics and mounting).
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Murata Icon X Murata’s Noise Suppression Products

医療機器向け ノイズ対策

Chip Ferrite Beads(BLM Series)

Inductor type EMI suppression filters are effective in a range from several MHz to several GHz.チップフェライトビーズ
They can be widely used for the suppression of relatively light noise as general-purpose noise suppression products. Although inductor type EMIFIL behaves at low frequencies as an inductor having slight inductance, it generates the impedance whose main constituent is a resistance component at high frequencies. When they are inserted in series in the noise conducting path, the conductance of noise is obstructed and absorbed by this resistance component.

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Three-terminal capacitors developed for noise suppression are made by turning a three-terminal capacitor into a chip shape. The inside of these capacitors is configured like a feedthrough capacitor, and is designed so that the ground-side impedance is extremely small. Because of this structure, these capacitors are extremely effective in suppressing noise in the high frequency domains of several hundred MHz or higher.


Common mode choke coils (DLP/DLW/DLM/PLT Series)

DL-PL Series Common Mode Choke Coils(CMCC) reduce the common mode noise that is problematic in differential transmission (examples: USB, HDMI and Mipi), balanced transmission, power supply lines, and audio lines. They are ideal for suppressing common mode noise with frequencies ranging from several megahertz  to several hundred megahertz with no adverse effect on the signals (upper cut-off frequency).