Proposal for Miniaturization of ESD Protection Devices

Murata has lineup of 0603 (mm) and 0402 (mm) ESD protection devices, enabling the issue of insufficient mounting area to be resolved. If you experience any trouble concerning the handling of small devices, please feel free to consult us concerning mounting technology.

[Is there anybody who is inconvenienced by one of the following situations?]
  • The available mounting space is restricted, and the components currently used do not fit on the board.
  • We want to mount small components, but trouble keeps occurring, and we have no in-house know-how, so we do not know what to do.

Murata Icon X Outline of case example

Murata makes use of its technology fostered through the development of laminated ceramic capacitors and inductors, and also develops small ESD protection devices.
Along with the miniaturization of mobile devices, the size requirements placed on ESD protection devices are also becoming increasingly severe. Murata has a lineup of small devices to meet the needs of customers.

Adopted case



wearable device

Main small devices:

Murata P/N Size (mm)
LXES02T Series 0402
LXES03T Series 0603
LXES0ND Series 0806
LXES18D Series 1608

Murata Icon X LGA mounting technology support

When a small component is being mounted, problems such as deviation of the product from the land, tilting of the component with respect to the board, and oozing of solder in the sideways direction occur frequently.
Murata makes proposals concerning the recommended land pattern and also provides support for evaluating the mounting condition, so that we can provide follow-up to the best of our ability and thereby enable our customers to correctly mount components.

< Example of incorrect mount >
Shifting position


Solder ball

< Example of correct mount >
Shifting position


Solder ball

Murata Icon X Proposal for each solution

The following is an outline of recommended products for each solution including case examples.

High-speed data communication

We propose the following:
・Method of resolving the issue of deterioration of reception sensitivity in the cellular band due to noise in a differential transmission line

Near an antenna

We propose the following:
・Method of resolving the issue of high frequency noise in the cellular band when using a TVS as an ESD countermeasure
・Method of resolving the issues of insufficient ESD immunity and loss in the low frequency band when using L + C as an ESD countermeasure

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