ESD Protection Device Solutions for High-speed Data Communication

Murata's ESD protection devices protect data communication ICs and devices from Electrostatic discharges.
They maintain the Electrostatic capacitance at an extremely low value, thus preventing any effect on high-speed data communication.

[Is there anybody who is inconvenienced by one of the following situations?]
  • Noise in a differential transmission line causes the reception sensitivity in the cellular band to deteriorate

Murata Icon X Improved reception sensitivity in the cellular band

Issue : 
Common mode noise generated in the high-speed differential transmission line of the MIPI®, HDMI®, or USB, for example, causes deterioration of the reception sensitivity.

Countermeasures and effectiveness:
Murata's LXES**D series ESD protection devices integrated with a common mode choke coil (CMCC) eliminate noise over a wide range, and also realize ESD corrective measures. Because these devices are integrated, they also contribute to space-saving on the board. 

Example of 2 pair CMCC + ESD at HDMI connector.
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Case example of miniaturization

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Murata Icon X Proposal for each solution

The following is an outline of recommended products for each solution including case examples.

Near an antenna

We propose the following:
・Method of resolving the issue of high frequency noise in the cellular band when using a TVS as an ESD countermeasure
・Method of resolving the issues of insufficient ESD immunity and loss in the low frequency band when using L + C as an ESD countermeasure


We propose the following:
・Miniaturization of not only inductors and capacitors, but also ESD protection devices as well
・Method of eliminating worries concerning the mounting of 0603 (mm) and 0402 (mm) small LGA

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