Information Related to Power Inductors


Power Inductor Basic Course - Chapter 1 What is a Power Inductor?

Power Inductor Basic Course - Chapter 2 What is a DC-DC Converter?

Power Inductor Basic Course - Chapter 3 What are important DC-DC converter characteristics?

Inductors are used for a variety of applications, and various product types are available to match different applications. This chapter presents the basic information that will enable you to gain an understanding of power inductors.

Basic Facts about Inductors

We introduce the characteristics of the power supply inductors and the applications that match their characteristics.

Why do power inductors have two types of rated currents?

Power inductors have two types of current ratings, but how do they differ? Here you will find an explanation of the power inductor current ratings.

Practical implementations

Inductor Selector Tool "MPST" for DC-DC converter

An introduction to the Murata Power Inductor Selection Tool (MPST), which enables you to select the power inductor that will provide the highest power efficiency, while taking into consideration the actual operating conditions of the DC-DC converter.

Solutions to typical problems

Achieving Miniaturization while Maintaining Efficiency

Do the higher frequencies that accompany miniaturization of DC-DC converters present a problem? A method for achieving miniaturization while maintaining efficiency is presented here.

Proposed Noise-Suppression Technology for PA Power Lines

A noise-suppression method for the PA power lines of mobile terminals utilizing chip inductors that aims to improve RF signal integrity (reduce unwanted out-of-band emissions) is introduced.