Murata introduces Piezo Vibe for wearable device


This product has been discontinued.

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has announced the PJFV series of low power consumption (6 mW, A3 VDC) miniature (10.5 mm  3.8 mm  2 mm) vibrators employing piezoelectric ceramics. Samples will be progressively made available commencing February, and mass production will commence in April.

Along with the recent health boom, a pedometer has evolved into a device that monitors the state of health of the wearer as an amount of activity, and a watch has evolved into a smart watch which permits speech and also sending and receiving of e-mails using a cellphone or a smartphone. In this way, so-called wearable devices which are like small computers worn by users have been commercialized. In order to realize the notification and announcement functions of these devices, models that use vibration in addition to light and sound are coming into increasing use. The components are required to be designed not only to realize miniaturization of the device, but also to contribute to long battery life.


  • Low power consumption  6mW (about 200 mW for a general ERM)
  • Small size        10.5 mm ×3.8mm×2mm (4 mm thickness for a general ERM)
  • Flat package     There are no moving parts on the outside.(This enables the case to be located near the package.)
    *ERM=Eccentric rotation motor

Part number

PJFV series

Electric characteristic

 Item Specification 
 Vibration quantity
(driven by 3V, at resonant frequency)
 1.2G min.(@20g)
Vibration frequency  240Hz ± 35Hz
 Rated working voltage  3V
 Current consumption  2mA rms.

External size


Mass Production is scheduled to commence April 2017.


Vibrator for providing notification and announcements to a wearable device

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