Ionizer module Ionissimo®

Murata Icon XHigh - concentration ion, compact design, ozone amounts control

  1. Ion is generated at low voltage (-2.0kV) with high efficiency and it results in high ion concentration.
  2. Compact equipment may be designed due to small ionizer element and driving power supply.
  3. Ozone amounts may be optimized for specific applications by controlling the generation of ozone without changing the amount of ions.

Murata Icon XSpecifications

Items MHM306 type MHM305 type MHM400 type
Input voltage +10.8-13.2V DC
Generated ions Negative ion + Ozone Negative ion Plus ion
Power consumption 0.6W 0.4W 0.6W
Ion output* Over 20,000,000 ions/cc
Ozone output* Less than 1.0mg/H 0.1mg/H or less
Operating temperature range -10 to 50°C
Operating humidity range 20 to 80%RH (Without dewdrop)

(*) Measurements were taken under testing conditions specified by Murata.

Murata Icon XExternal Size

MHM305型 MHM306型 MHM400型
MHM305-01.pdf (PDF: 47KB) MHM306-01.pdf (PDF: 47KB) MHM400-01.pdf (PDF: 41KB)
MHM305-02.pdf (PDF: 47KB) MHM306-02.pdf (PDF: 47KB)  
MHM305-05.pdf (PDF: 47KB) MHM306-05.pdf (PDF: 47KB)