Noise suppression of brush motor for cars

Frequent Issues

Is there a noise suppression product with leads that can be used in a 150°C environment?

Recently, electronization of the engine control parts of cars has been advancing. Along with this advancement, there are many cases where noise suppression is required in the units, where noise suppression measures (EMC measure) were not necessary previously.
Company D, which designs and manufactures motors for cars, was also concerned about noise suppression measures in an environment beyond 125°C.

- Example Case: Company D -
I want to use a capacitor; however, the temperature exceeds 125°C and reaches 150°C.

MURATA,Lead type capacitor,guarantees 150°C

Company D has been looking for a lead type capacitor that guarantees 150°C; however, a common lead type capacitor is guaranteed up to only 125°C, and they could not find a product guaranteed to 150°C.
Is there a lead type capacitor that is guaranteed up to 150°C?

Possibility of exceeding 150 °C for a short time assuming the most severe conditions.

The cooling fan stops immediately after the engine is turned off; therefore the temperature of a motor installed near the engine increases instantly.
Assuming the most severe conditions, there is a possibility that the temperature of a capacitor for noise suppression of a motor will exceed 150°C briefly.
Is there a capacitor that can handle such special conditions?

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Company D approached Murata, which offers a variety of leaded products. Company D was able to find a solution for a difficult issue.

Points of Issue

  • POINT1
    Finding a lead type capacitor guaranteed up to 150°C
  • POINT2
    Possibility of exceeding 150°C briefly in most severe conditions
The Solution

To examples of successful noise suppression by a lead type capacitor in a 150°C environment