High-Frequency Matching Transformers

Murata’s high-frequency matching transformers use transformer technology for impedance matching in high-frequency circuits. They have been designed to accommodate such high frequencies used in mobile phone communication. Murata’s high-frequency matching transformers enable customers to achieve impedance matching for different frequencies simultaneously, and over a broad range.

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Using sophisticated high-frequency design technology and high-precision processes, Murata products accommodate a wide range of frequencies.

SMST15 (Multi Band) Series

SMST18 (Low Band) Series

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PDF catalogs for High-Frequency Matching Transformers are available at the following links:

SMST15 Series Datasheet (PDF: 1.0 MB)

  • UPDATE 8/10/2017
Download PDF

SMST18 Series Datasheet (PDF: 0.5 MB)

  • UPDATE 8/10/2017
Download PDF