Murata's step-down DC-DC charge pump IC has received the Green/Eco Award in the China Top 10 Power Award


Murata today announced that its FlexiCP™ series PE25204, a divide-by-4 step-down DC-DC charge pump IC, has received the Green/Eco Award in the China Top 10 Power Award.

Companies have traditionally relied on industry-standard isolated brick converters to step down from 48V to the intermediate bus, usually 12V. The PE25204 makes use of Murata's unique charge pump technology*1 to help realize 48V converters in a smaller footprint with enhanced conversion efficiency and low noise characteristics.
This gives system designers greater flexibility, such as allowing for the creation of a distributed power system by placing the product close to the point of load (POL) to minimize printed circuit board copper losses, or connecting the devices in parallel to create a centralized power system.
The PE25204 provides a high-power, high-efficiency, and space-saving solution for DC48V to DC12V step-down conversion applications in data-center, networking, optical transmission, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, which face increasing demand for higher-density mounting.

  • *1Technology for output voltage step-up/step-down by superimposing the input voltage with the voltage charged in a capacitor.

Product Features

  • The PE25204 can be configured in a divide-by-3 as well as divide-by-4 conversion ratio, which extends its usage to 24V to 36V input applications typically used in consumer battery charging and industrial supplies.
  • The charge pump-based DC-DC converter supports an output voltage range of 5V to 15V with load currents of 6A and up to 72W delivered to the external load.
  • The PE25204 is designed to operate in a fixed divide-by-4 mode over an input voltage range of 18V to 60V.
  • When set to the divide-by-3 configuration, the converter supports an input voltage range of 18V to 45V.
  • Featuring an extended temperature range of −40 to +125°C, the PE25204 is fully protected with input undervoltage, overcurrent protection and thermal shutdown fault detection.

Murata in Brief

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