Appearance & Shape

Murata Icon X Specifications

Resistance (25℃) 10kΩ
Resistance Value Tolerance (at 25℃) ±1%
B-Constant (25/50℃) 3380K
B-Constant (25/50℃) Tolerance ±1%
B-Constant(25/80℃)(Reference Value) 3428K
B-Constant(25/100℃)(Reference Value) 3455K
Max. Voltage 5V
Maximum Operating Current (25℃) 0.1mA
Typical Dissipation Constant (25℃) 1mW/℃
Operating Temperature Range -40℃ to 125℃
Size Code (in mm) 1.0x0.5mm
Size Code (in inch) 0.4x0.2inch
Shape SMD
Mass 0.0012g

Murata Icon X Features

1. Excellent solderability and high stability in environment
2. Excellent long time aging stability
3. High accuracy in resistance and B-Constant
4. Reflow soldering possible
5. Same B-constant in the same resistance in the three sizes (0805 size / 0603 size / 0402 size)
    Easy to use smaller size in the circuits
6. Lead is not contained in the product.
7. NCP series are recognized by UL/cUL (UL1434, File No.E137188).

Murata Icon X Applications

Limited Usage

Consumer Grade

Other Usage

1. Temperature compensation for transistor, IC and crystal oscillator in mobile communications 2. Temperature sensor for rechargeable batteries 3. Temperature compensation of LCD 4. Temperature compensation in general use of electric circuits

Murata Icon X Packaging Information

Packaging Specifications Standard Packing Quantity
RC 180mm Paper Tape 10000