The SCA11H is scheduled to be discontinued and the last ship date is 12/31/2020.

SCA11H is not recommend for new designs.
The documentation of the replacing solution is below.

Please contact Murata sales for further information.

  • Opens new possibilities in patient monitoring and elderly care in hospitals, assisted living and even at homes
  •  Embedded heart and respiration rate and beat-to-beat time signal processing enabling patient monitoring from bed occupancy to sleep condition analysis

SCA11H node

  •  A complete BCG-based sensing component that comprises the sensor, microcontroller and a Wi-Fi transceiver
  •  WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  •  Remote  OTA FW upgrade capability
  •  Targeted for software solution- and service providers and OEM system integrators

Contactless Bed Sensor >Product Lineup

Accelerometers >Product Lineup

Murata Icon X Series Lineup

Murata Icon X Documentation

Product Data Sheet (PDF:548KB)
Hostless WLAN HTTP API Specification (PDF:138KB)
Cloud server interface specification (PDF:406KB)

HTTPS Certificate Upgrade-please contact Murata sales

Installation guide (PDF:652KB) Operation modes (PDF:56KB)
BCG Technology Whitepaper  (PDF:951KB)

Application notes  

SSDP Discovery  (PDF:93.9KB)
Datalogger  (PDF:38.9KB)
Flask server  (PDF:38.2KB)
Intelligent Calibration (PDF:231KB)
Bed Occupancy Detection  (PDF:766KB)
Calibration guidelines (PDF:86.3KB)


Flyer for BCG application  (PDF:184KB)

Flyer for Sleep Analysis Library(SAL) (PDF:96KB)

[Video] Explanation video of BCG application.
This video explains the detection principle and feature of product in the above flyer by animation

Murata Icon X Software

Murata Icon X Firmware

Firmware Update Guide (PDF:502KB)


Murata Icon X Installation guide video

This is a video that explains how to install for SCA11H software.

Please see this video with the pdf file of Installation guide